Saturday, June 21, 2008

VIDEO: Pocky and Friends

I made a fan-vid for Pocky and other sweets I found at the local Asian markets. Here's a list of what's featured:

1) [Pocky] Brazilian Pudding
2) [Marble Pocky] Mild & Bitter
3) [Marble Pocky] Rum Raisin
4) [Pretz] Mild Cheese / Sharp Cheese
5) [Kabaya] Kagoshima Sweet Potato pretzel
6) [Koeda] Evening Time, Brandy & Cacao
7) [Pocky] Super Thin
8) [Pretz] Sharp Cheese
9) [Fran] Winter Premium, White Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts
10) [Pocky] Blueberry (with fruit bits)
11) [Fran] Matcha Green Tea
12) F Cup Cookie (to increase your bust size)
13) [Pretz] Bakery Flat Style with Bacon and Cheese flavor
14) [Fran] Banana and Milk
15) [Koeda] Morning Time with Blueberry, Yogurt and Cornflake
16) Original Pocky!!


In Other News...

  • Looking for a professional TV chef to cook in your kitchen? Look here.
  • It's another sweltering day at work in Los Angeles and you want lunch delivered to you. Well here you go.
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pd said...

brazilian pudding? i wonder if it's good. the dark chocolate marble pocky looks awesome, though.

BoLA said...

I couldn't get the vid to play the full screen... :(

But how funny is this... I just bought a box of the Blueberry Pocky!!! HAHAHA!!! It was just too cute to pass up. Hope it's good!!! ;)

Pirikara said...

Doh! Sorry bout that Bola! I've adjusted it for IE, so it should work for you now.

H. C. said...

I had the blueberry just this past week, it was pretty good -- my fave is still the deeper, darker "Men's Pocky".

And the F Cup cookie is hilarious--wonder how long it takes to work? ;)

Pirikara said...

I had the tea version:

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing. I collect Pocky and I'd love to add the new flavors to my collection. Where did you see them?

Pirikara said...

I got most of these at Nijiya Market, but also at Simpang Asia. You can also find most of them at Mitsuwa. Hope that helps.

Ryan said...

You forgot the famous Hokey pokey from New Zealand.

L'aura said...

I saw those F-Cup cookies at Nijiya the other day and did a double-take!