Friday, March 20, 2009

Umami Burger (Miracle Mile)

Umami Burger
Triple Pork Burger with Hand-Cut Fries

"Umami." The word is like a mythical creature -- a unicorn -- that came about after some guy with bad eyesight saw a horse being chucked from a two-story building. Was that for real? Does it truly exist?!

The word does exist in Japanese, but I think we food purveyors Stateside have managed to blow the description into Loch Ness-size proportions. The fifth taste? For reals?

Real or not, the owners of Bottle Rock have done well melding this hip concept with a satisfyingly gourmet burger: a juicy patty layered with high-brow selections of cob-smoked bacon and aged manchego (Triple Pork Burger); Italian truffle cheese and truffle glaze (Truffle Burger); and grated artisan cheddar (Hi-End chili Burger). Embraced with fresh vegetables and a blissfully soft bun, it's a bargain at $8-$11 (Most are $8).

What you see both above and below is the Triple Pork Burger, highly recommended by the waiter who rushed to clear off a table for Mikey and I after a feet-numbing 45 minute wait. The place is tiny, probably fitting no more than two-dozen. My recommendation: Get there before 6 pm.

There's a selection of sides -- hand-cut fries, sweet potato chips, roasted garlic potato salad -- each presented in petite Japanese lady-size portions ($2-$3). The ketchup is homemade with hints of unique spices throughout, just like the burger.

I didn't have a mind-blowing epiphany after digging into this so-called fifth taste. Though I caused my left eyebrow to twitch a little, forgetting to breathe as I inhaled my dinner in record time. Umami, unicorns, leprechauns, I dunno. But it's definitely a tasty burger.

Umami Burger
Triple Pork Burger with onion rings

relish, on the house

Umami Burger
850 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-3000
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Anonymous said...

Your post comes at a perfect time as I'm experiencing a mad craving for a juicy burger this week. Beautiful plating too! Nice shots.

EatTravelEat said...

Wow, that plating is gorgeous! It's interesting that they used soup spoons to place condiments like the relish and ketchup.

Very creative with the fries! They look very stubby and if they were cooked longer, they might just look like pieces of wood stacked together. :)

One look tells me all those burgers are of a very high quality and will taste great! Looking at the photo feels like almost eating the burger. Mmm...

Pirikara said...

yes, this joint gets an A for presentation. Damn, I'm hungry.

Diana said...

That's a really nice looking burger -- I love the sheen on the bun! Yep, definitely craving some red meat now...

i want one so badly said...

that looks amazing bro and it isn't near as expensive as I would have thought.

Whats the etiquette in a place like that though? Can you put your arms on the table and eat with your hands or do you get looks from petite women? (i wouldn't mind that)

All that is what makes a man anxious about eating out, theres a gormet burger place in my city and all I want to know is if I need to wear a shirt to get served

Pirikara said...

@Iwantonesobadly - hahah! yeah, you'd need to at least wear a shirt at this place. Though maybe you can get away with just a bib. =P

i want one so badly said...

hahah i'm into that you know, when I was a baby I had a pelican bib that used to conviently catch all my spilt food

I was seriously a pedos dream

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