Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Autumn Bento box

One of my favorite meals in Japan is the kind you can buy at the train station. This bento box is a seasonal selection. Notice the big yellow nut on top of the middle plot of rice. Chestnuts are the seasonal ingredients right now and so you'll find a lot of kuri-gohan (chestnut rice) being sold in stores. There's also 'sekihan' on the right, which is red bean rice. From top-left to right is karaage (a chicken nugget), a nub of salmon, and shrimp. The rest are strange pickled things mothers force-feed their children.
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H. C. said...

What a pretty bento set! I happen to love those things for their organized compartments & the variety of different things to eat.

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I love the Asia food, I would to send the recipe by e-mail to my mom who is a chef!