Thursday, March 08, 2007

MILK @ Beverly Blvd.

Let it be known that it's a good omen if French actress Julie Delpy patronizes your eatery. Afterall, by default of being French you have a keen sense of taste, culture and ... okay, well not necessarily but the last time I spotted her it was at Pinkberry's flagship store in West Hollywood. That was over two years ago when the place actually had a bathroom for customers. Cut to the following week and bam! the line is out the door and the neighbors are fuming. It must be the Delpy factor. Well, either that or Daily Candy.

So tonight, when Mikey and I found ourselves crossing the same intersection towards MILK with Julie Delpy and a grip of her chain-smoking French pals, we had some major de ja vu. Her entourage was huge so we darted ahead to get a spot in line.

Mikey read about this corner ice cream parlor on Jeni's site and wanted to check it out. They're open til 11 pm so we got there by 10 only to circle the block for a good 20 minutes for parking. (Yikes! That's one strike against you, MILK.)

Aside from a vast menu of sandwiches and coffee drinks, they have a mouthwatering showcase of sorbets and ice cream. Being the lactose intolerant one, I was recommended the lychee sorbet in a sugar cone, which they'd just introduced a day earlier. Being the lactose intolerant one-in-denial, Mikey got the mint chip ice cream in a cup. Both were $2.50 but mine was but a baby scoop compared to Mikey's. Still, the lychee was lovely. It had a winning combination of being both light and full of flavor. Mikey's mint chip was fairly tasty if not hampered by too many chocolate chips.

Nothing stood out from their display of baked goods (scones, cookies, pound-cake type breads, all a tad too heavy looking) but their ice cream sandwiches and bon bons looked divine. I would've gotten some for the road if I was sure it'd actually survive the trip.

Owner Bret Thompson (a really nice guy who spoke in French to Delpy's friends) is the former corporate executive chef of Patina. He was doing double duty in the kitchen and at the register, a sure sign that this joint is his labor of love.

He's hoping to get more parking in the back for customers, which seems to be most problematic for the month-old store. I really hope he's successful because if my premonition comes true, he might find himself with a line out the door.

7290 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 939-6455

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BoLA said...

OK - I'm sold!

Hopefully, I can make it to MILK much sooner as opposed to later when everyone in LA has already been there...

I'll be sure to bring my Lactaid pills. LOL!

Pirikara said...

You too, BoLA?! We should have a lactose intolerant food party! =P

H. C. said...

Make that 3 of us (BoLA and I both noted that on Jeni's blog.

I think I can sit & do MILK with no problem - but no guarantees about my drive back.

Taste-Buzz said...

It's a good thing that it's within walking distance, because without valet, it's impossible to get parking on that stretch of Beverly.

My current fave is the blood orange sorbet as well as the bacon cheddar scone.

chris said...

I work down the street from it and I am obsessed with it. Try the media noche Cuban sandwich, it's unbelievable.

sarah said...

Have you ever been to Lucky Devils? Some of the best shakes in LA. Actually the LA times voted it the best shake last year. That was the only reason I visited. I ended up eating dinner as well. It was great. I had a classic american meal that left me more satisfied than i had been ion a while. I wish more people new about it. Its one of those gems on Hollywood blvd. If your LUCKY enough to know about it!!!

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