Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Super Udon - Torrance

I don't know why, but most old people I know have a perpetual craving for udon. Probably because it's a light meal and it reminds them of the good 'ol pre-war days, whereas ramen has been the post-war staple. Maybe I've been hanging out with my grandma too much but as I drove past this little gem of a stand ( a Big Tommy's in its former life?!) I had a sudden craving for SUPER UDON!Surprisingly, there was a line of people, nearly all Japanese. I had the tempura udon. M size.
Noodles were your typical thick, store bought kind with a passable broth. Shrimp tempura was crunchy but overbattered as you'd typically find in the U.S. Still, there's something uniquely Japanese about this place that'd probably compel me to return. Perhaps it's because udon stands are such a rarity. Or because they have a free dispenser for iced green tea. Maybe it's because there's plastic basins set out for you to separate your tray, ceramic bowl and paper trash after you're finished. That's pretty super if you ask me.
You can also get different flavors of onigiris, chicken salad and some rice bowls. Ooh ooh, and there's shaved ice too.
I recommend this place if you're shopping in Torrance alone (as I was) and you just need something to settle your stomach. Otherwise, it's probably best to try Otafuku across the street.
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k said...

Hi! Just stopping by. It's so funny that you did a post on this. Super Udon was originally a grease pit joint. I've been wanting to try it...I've heard good things from other people. But, I agree. I would rather go to Otafuku! :) Thanks!