Monday, December 10, 2007

JAPAN: Bigger Boob Tea?!

Back to Japan. One of the products I picked up during my visit was a powdered tea promising to increase your bust size to a whopping F-cup (woohoo~!). I first read about it on Tokyo Mango and since this year has been all about trying new things (ex., Lactagen, colon cleanse) I had to get it. It contains an herb called pueraria mirifica which is supposed to aid in the miraculous effort. I mean, I've accepted my god-given bosom which, while not ample enough to form peaks and valleys, is enough to keep strapless gowns from succumbing to gravity. The 10-pack of tea costs under $10 bucks -- chump change in yen.

So this is how it went:

Day One: 10 a.m. Following instructions I emptied a pack into a cup of hot water and mixed. It tasted similar to a European tea, like Earl Grey, only very, very sweet.

11 a.m. Stomach grumbles. I make a mad dash to the restroom.

The End.


Sadly, I decided to end the experiment at Day One. It felt more like a colon cleanse than a natural boob job. So much for F-cup.
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Aji De Mani said...

hahahah!!! that's hilarious. maybe i should try that tea to stop constipation.

kirby! said...

whatever, i don't trust teas that promise anything less than an M cup.

Chubbypanda said...

Maybe the effects are accomplished through bloating...

BoLA said...

Muhahah! F'ing cup, is more like it!