Saturday, January 12, 2008

Joan's On Third @ Beverly Center vicinity

Don't you hate waiting in line for breakfast? Most weekend eateries open by 10 am but that hangover keeps you in bed ‘til 11 am. And of course by then the line for a table is out the door. Joan's on Third is a little different; they take your order at the counter so all you need to do is search for a table... and believe me, it won't take an hour... ten minutes tops.

I stumbled upon the deli/bakery a month ago along Third street near the Beverly Center. New York’s Dean & Deluca comes to mind when you enter their newly-renovated store: glass displays, white tiles and countertops overflowing with everything from roasted nut clusters to mini baguettes stuffed with prosciutto and cheese. There’s also a separate counter for gelato and baked goodies.

Okay, so I’ve yet to try anything on their breakfast menu. Offerings of fluffy pancakes and sour cream-topped French omelettes don’t compare to the mouthwatering sandwiches they pack upon order. I’m a sucker for the apricot glazed ham and brie they slather with mustard caper sauce and hand to you on a choice of rustic roll, whole grain bread, country white or French baguette. They’re all sumptuous but I’m usually inclined to take the baguette because it’s easy on the jaw; a blissful reminder of Paris (sniff).

Mikey enjoyed the burrata (a soft Italian cheese) with prosciutto and sprigs of arugula. It was kind of like eating a savory marshmallow.

Save room for dessert. I’ve conquered about one-fifth of their baked goods counter. My favorites are the banana bread, the oatmeal cookie and the apple triangle. There’s something about sweets in mass quantity that gets my heart racing. Though not because of an impending heart attack, I hope.

The biggest complaint about Joan’s is their prices. Many things are definitely marked a dollar or two above their competitors. I gawked at the $6.50 tag of the ultra-mini baguette sandwich which, though very cute, was probably something only a supermodel could get a rip-roaring burp from.

Speaking of which, I spotted Tyra Banks at Joan’s the other day. It was still only 11 am on a Sunday morning but she looked picture-perfect. …Guess not everyone was out partying.

Joan's on Third
8350 W. Third St.
LA, CA 90048
(323) 655-2285

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joanh said...

i've always wanted to try this place.. the mac and cheese looks good as does everything else..

Anonymous said...

OMG that mac & cheese looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Joan on Third has a lovely facade but look at her back yard. The restaurant is supposed to be environmentally correct but actually it is the most polluting restaurant with the vendors and patrons' vehicles spewing fumes all day long and the unbearable noise day and night that is upsetting all the neighbors. I HATE JOAN ON THIRD. HYPOCRIT JOAN!

Anonymous said...

Review is right on! We live in the neighborhood, so it's a regular spot for us - wish the prices were a couple bucks cheaper, as $11-12 for a sandwich is pretty steep.

There food is all good - great stop for dinner to go to take to the Hollywood Bowl or Greek Theater in the summer!

"Anonymous'" complaint shouldn't stop you - they are no different than any business, and with the scantist of parking in back, how many cars can there be? What did you expect if you live across an alley from a restaurant?

red ticking said...

joan's is one of the most amazing places i have ever eaten. food is so fresh and tasty, the attn to detail is impeccable, and the selection is fantastic. whenever we visit los angeles, we eat there at least 2 or 3 times... breakfast or lunch... and joan??? simply one of the most brilliant, real, talented women i will ever have the pleasure to know.

Anonymous said...

I have been terribly disappointed lately. The more business they get the more arrogant and McDonanldish the food and service has become.

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