Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ringing in the Japanese New Year !

Hurray for Yoshinoya!
According to the server, Yoshinoya will reintroduce its popular and utterly sublime gyudon (read Beef Bowl) to its menu within two months time. I'm still iffy on why Japan let up on its ban of U.S. beef. First it was deemed harmful for consumption and now it's not? Might it be the fact that the U.S. threatened Japan with ban on Japanese exports? Well, whatever the case may be, I'll eat my gyudon with caution. Oh and yes that's raw egg mixed in there.

Little known fact.
.. Japanese eat horse.

Wrestlin' in the New Year
On the right corner is former sumo wrestling champ Akebono. On the left corner, Bobby, the token African comedian! The winner? BOBBY!

Hello Kitty fish cakes! Open it up and what do you get?...


This cute little thing was found sitting in the parking lot of Yoshinoya. I bet he was hungry. He was slobbering all over his shirt.

Rows and rows of beautiful tiny cakes...

Rows and rows of beautiful tiny bags...
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