Thursday, June 14, 2007

colon cleanse

What: Dr. Schultz's Colon Detox

The supplement: It's like a shot of highly-concentrated wheatgrass, five times a day. You can mix it with juice or water but it takes vigorous shaking to dissolve it. Be wary of thick, nasty clumps.

Cost: $60

Day one: Slight abdominal discomfort. Normal bowel movement.

Day two: 5 dumps. Each one chunky and green like the color of the supplement.

Day three: 3 dumps. Felt nauseous after drinking so much water to wash it down.

Day four: 3 dumps. A-okay.

Day five: Aborted mission after I realized I probably didn't have much else hiding in my colon. The program is geared especially toward those with chronic constipation, that which I have the opposite of. Still, I was fairly happy with the program because maybe for the first week in my life I experienced no post-food stomach pains. And I maintained solid, floating poo.
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Aji De Mani said...

whoa. where did you get it? i was looking for a colon cleansing program that was not anything like master cleanse.

total cleanse said...

I have nothing against the use of colon cleanse, it just that we should be aware on the supplements we take. It's much better if it's recommended by a doctor before taking up any kinds of drugs.

roxanne said...

Thanks for sharing your experience about the colon cleanse product you use. It's so nice to read that you got the result expected for a cleansing supplement. It was good that you you did a colon cleanse than be sorry for more serious colon disease

Manohar Singh said...

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