Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Gluttony

I hope the holiday season has kept you as warm as the Tom Kha Gai I inhaled last week at Thailand Plaza. I've been entertaining family from Japan so I blame them entirely for my lack of posts. =P It's my brother's girlfriend's first time to the U.S. so I've been showing her the sights, smells and tastes of LA. ...burp!

The first order of the day was an In 'N Out burger, which she halved with my brother. They've actually made it a point to split everything to avoid turning into the fatty Americans they've been snapping pictures of. It makes a lot of sense considering after that meal we went for xiao long bao in Monterey Park, then tacos at La Flama, then Thai Town, followed by pizza at Vito's. Well, not all in the same day, but you get the picture. As I have nobody to split my food with, I'm hoping to go for a jog today.

Here's some culinary highlights of my month of December:

Was anyone else drooling over that apple and Calvados croustade picture in the LA Times food section a few weeks ago? I tried making it and, well, either their studio lighting was brilliant or I just need to work on my filo dough crafting skills. I had fun setting the brandy on fire and stirring it into the apples but otherwise the pastry itself didn't tickle my taste buds.

You gotta love the rice cakes a la Chinois served at Mei Long Village. Japanese people only really eat mochi grilled or heated in a sweet red bean soup. Of course, these guys are a bit chewy so you need to be careful. Wouldn't want to be added to Japan's choking-on-mochi death rate.

I've been borrowing my friend Teri's fruit sangria recipe for holiday parties. It's an instant hit; like jungle juice at a high school house party. Mix 1/2 bottle of vodka with a bottle of Carlo Rossi Sangria. Add a junk-load of fruits and ice.

Joan's on Third and their beautiful pastries. I can't get enough of this place. Too bad I can never get good parking.

Happy holidays, everyone!
Rainen mo yoroshiku!
(See you next year!)
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