Wednesday, October 08, 2008

VIDEO: How to Eat Natto

So as long as this economic downturn maintains a debilitating grip on my wallet I'll continue to turn out these entertainingly low-budget videos. These days, my meal of choice is a hot bowl of rice, a pack of natto (fermented soy beans) and a raw quail egg. It's what some Japanese think of as comfort food, though, after a casual whiff, others will beg to differ.

To combat those natto foes, I've made it a goal to spread my love for the fermented soy bean. Stinky it may be, but after a few bites you too will be webbed in. It's typically eaten over rice for breakfast alongside a bowl of miso soup. But I can have it any time, any place. I would eat them in a boat. I would eat them with a goat. I will eat them in the rain. I will even eat them on a train.

Nijiya, Mitsuwa, Marukai and other local Japanese markets each carry a half-dozen exciting varieties, so in the coming months I'll be posting a profile of each on my sister site
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1 comment:

Natty said...

Okay, your video has me seriously considering giving it a try. But also seriously consider running far, far away from natto. I'm so conflicted!