Monday, September 18, 2006

To buy or not buy? : Metro Mint

Peppermint Water: It's like brushing your teeth, rinsing out into a Brita water filter, chilling it for a few hours, then drinking that. Granted, I love peppermint in ice cream, as a candy; I might even smoke it if necessary. But my taste for peppermint water was ruined after this one incident in high school.

I was standing in the "virgin section" at a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening. As the movie played, volunteer "cast members" acted out key scenes. One involved a rain storm and what they did was line up on both aisles and spit water at the people with the "V" lipstick'd on their forehead. Luckily, the boy who sent tap water dripping down my face was kind enough to brush beforehand. I'm sure others had it worse off. Mmm but it was kind of like that....minty.

Found this beautiful drink package in the bento section of Nijiya Market today. It looked promising enough and it was only a buck and a half. One coworker said it reminded him of Scope. I still think it tastes like Rocky Horror.

BTW, next week I'm heading to Paris, Bern, Venice, Florence, and Rome. If you have any good restaurant suggestions let me know. Thanks!
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