Monday, August 14, 2006

Tofu Festival

Someone needs to make me a shirt that says, "I went to Tofu Festival and all I got was this lousy strawberry tofu." Hahah, no just kidding. I actually thought it wasn't bad. Sure, absolutely no imagination went into it. They could've just used a package of flan. But on this hot day in August, it proved quite refreshing. And it made me appreciate kinugoshi (soft) tofu even more. Soft tofu contains more water than the firm tofu and so its texture is so much nicer than when you bite into a momen (firm) tofu.

At the tofu eating contest they used medium firm which is just plain harsh to the palette, but makes eating contests all the more enjoyable. You'll find kinugoshi delicately placed in salads and momen in miso soup where it spends time simmering. Try using kinugoshi in miso soup and it'll eventually crumble in a big mess.

Here, Iron Chef Morimoto does his thing...

He made a daikon pasta--long shreds of white radish--with a tomato, tofu and lobster sauce. Only a lucky few had a chance to sample it.
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eatdrinknbmerry said...

how many ppl were watching Chef Morimoto?

Pirikara said...

Hmm difficult to say but it was at maximum capacity with spillage outside the tent... 300?