Friday, August 18, 2006

Sonya Thomas Finishes in 2nd!

All eyes were on Sonya Thomas, but sadly, the 105-lb. eating-machine finished 2nd at Saturday's gyoza-eating contest in Little Tokyo. Joey Chestnut finished 1st with 212 dumplings in 10 minutes. Thomas trailed behind him with 210. A difference of 2!

The "gustatory gladiators," as the announcer described them, put on a good show though. A few heavy-set amateurs joined in thinking they could cause an upset, but barely got past their first plate of 25. For most of the time they just stood there gawking at Thomas and Chestnut, admiring their finesse as they breezed through their first 25 in a matter of seconds. Like a true professional, Thomas would do a lil' head-bobble and shimmy to get the dumplings down. It was really cute. She didn't even break a sweat.

Looking forward to another gyoza contest next year. Let's hope they can get Kobayashi on board.
"Um, Would you like soy sauce with that?" says the beauty queen.

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cari - Inland Empirical said...

that top photo of Sonya kicks ass!!
IT'S SO DISGUSTING but she's still cute!
send me my photos soon. i'm working on my photoset now at flickr. i'll try to email yours today.
hey, are you going to the ramen contest at 4 p.m.?!
i can't make it! :(

Jeni said...

Sonya reminds me of our dear Naomi in a very cute hamster way.