Monday, July 02, 2007

KyoChon Chicken @Koreatown

"Yes, we sprinkle our chicken with crack!" That's what I expected the good people at KyoChon Chicken to say... well, if any of them actually spoke English. Mikey tried this Korea-based chain a few weeks earlier and couldn't stop thinking about it. It was mainly the garlic-infused batter that hooked him. It gives you stinky-breath and lingers on your fingers for hours, but completely worth it, he said.

The restaurant runs a modest operation in a strip mall on 6th St. in the heart of Koreatown. The entire place fits no more than 20, but even if you get a seat bring your Nintendo DS because you'll be waiting a while. They abide by a slow-cook method where they deep-fry the chicken, remove and cool down, then deep-fry again. What results is a savory piece of chicken wrapped around crispy-thin skin. They don't tell you what's in the batter except for soy sauce, garlic "and 20 different ingredients" but there's got to be something illicit in there. Meth?

We ordered the $15.99 KyoChon whole chicken, which must have been hard to wrangle from the farm because it took them a good 30 minutes to bring it out. Next to us, a couple of punk kids were crying out their lungs and two girls seated after us had already gotten their order. Were we supposed to know the secret password? No matter. Every order comes with a basket of pickled white radish which held us over ... for a good 5 minutes until we darted the evil eye at the prepubescent waiter. Still not quite sure he spoke English or not.

The whole chicken is actually chopped up into bite-sized chunks, bone and all. We dug right in and didn't stop until the basket was empty. The rest of their menu of miscellaneous chicken parts looked pretty good, too: soy/garlic seasoned wings, legs, hot wings. They also throw chicken bulgogi, cheese sticks, French fries, and spicy chicken and rice cakes onto the menu, but I think that's just for the sake of variety. This is obviously a fried chicken joint. It'd be like ordering a salad at a steak house.

KyoChon Chicken
3833 W. 6th St.
LA, CA 90020
(213) 739-9292

NY Times raves about Korean chicken here.


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Me said...

It was mainly the garlic-infused batter that hooked him.

That sure would've gotten my vote!

シークレット アジアンマン said...

The chicken has gotten me hooked. You were right about the service and the time it takes to get a whole chicken. What did they do, round them up in a coop behind the parking lot??!

Anne said...

That does look awfully similar to a basket of crack, actually. I have a feeling I'd have to go to rehab if I even tried that.....looks too good.

Pirikara said...

hi globe trott, yeah the service stinks. I started thinking they were playing a cruel joke on me. Wish I understood Korean.

Hi TAG!! Hisashiburi dane~! You should definitely try it, though call in your order before you go there.

Daily Gluttony said...

hey there! it's me, DG...i`wanted to send you an evite to something but wasn't sure if i had the correct email address for you. shoot me a line at when you get a chance!

btw, i agree w/ TAG. i would most definitely have to go to rehab after eating this stuff. not gonna stop me though. must go here now. =)

e d b m said...

I've been reading about this on Chowhound. It must be the Korean version of the Guatemalan Pollo Campero chain. So good.

bikuta said...'s good.

Pirikara said...

Hey EDBM~! Let me know if you try Pollo Campero. Seems there's several around LA. I'd try it myself but I'm afraid~

Anonymous said...

the reason the chicken takes so long is because there are sooo many to-go orders. when it first opened, the wait was 2 hours. and even if you are korean, service is still pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

i wanna try this but my heart is telling me noooo...

beep said...


MMMMM! Just looking at it makes me want to get a triple heart bypass.

Horus said...

Wow. This looks really really good. I live in the midwest so there is probably no hope of hitting this chain up. Sweet Fancy Moses! I just realized I know a Korean girl! I must call her now!

Anonymous said...

I too read the NYT review on this chicken place....pretty addictive...I actually finished off the whole chicken myself and still craved for more...I'm thinking about going over there soon...again...there goes my diet.