Thursday, January 15, 2009

Final Sale @ Mitsuwa Little Tokyo

It's been a buying frenzy this week at Little Tokyo's Mitsuwa market with modest markdowns on selected items like candy, fruits and instant ramen. They're closing for good on Jan. 25 -- or maybe not?? One thing for sure, the three-floor shopping center has a new owner and many of the long-empty storefronts are now displaying brightly colored "LEASED" signs.

Starting Monday, Jan. 19, Mitsuwa's sale jumps to 50% on all items storewide. (It's gonna get crazy.) Walking up and down the aisles this week, I couldn't help but notice all the unfamiliar faces. Not that I'm a regular, but whenever I'm there -- once a month or so -- I see only Japanese ex-pat moms, packs of anime geeks or feeble grandmas. Seeing all the new people made me think, "Where've you been all this time?" I mean, maybe they really didn't know this place existed until they read about its closing in the LA Times ...ya think?
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Admin said...

I bought 40 bucks worth of stuff there on Saturday. What a shame, you will be missed Mitsuwa.

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all at $1.99??? I can't believe it, I want to go there just to buy some things I really need for my house and to save some money!