Monday, January 28, 2008

Paulette (macarons) @ Beverly Dr.

While endlessly circling around for parking for Beverly Drive's Urth Cafe, Mikey and I spotted the cutest little macaron shop. Pacing back and forth inside was a chef who told me he'd named the store after his wife, whom I'd imagine is a great lover of macarons. Being a romantic, I figured it was a macaron that brought them together.

He seemed like a nice guy and with me being the only customer during peak lunch hour I felt compelled to spend big: a box of 12 for $18. ($1-taco-night Mikey gawked at the bill.)

Now I'm no expert on macarons and I'm sure people have done dissertations on the subject, so take my opinion as just that, my opinion. Reading through Chowhound and other food forums, it seems macaron critics fall into two camps: those who assess any particular shop as being either cloyingly sweet or insipid. (Americanized taste buds seem to opine the latter.) Of course, other factors come into play like, doughiness and moistness. Overall, I thought Paulette's macarons, with a few exceptions, were a little sweet for my tooth.

Here's my box of 12 (out of a possible 14):
  1. chocolate coconut
  2. orange blossom (oddly like perfume)
  3. Early Grey (nice!)
  4. Madagascar vanilla
  5. Sicilian pistachio (hmm, distinctly pistachio)
  6. Columbian coffee (yummy!)
  7. sweet wedding almond (good!)
  8. lemon tropical
  9. New Orleans praline
  10. violet cassis
  11. peach (an overwhelming flood of ganache)
  12. flavor of the month: raspberry rose (magnifique !)

"Our macarons all have distinct personalities," it reads on the postcard I grabbed from the counter. Well said. Sure these little guys aren't all perfect. Some were big on personality, some weren't. But it was kinda fun finding out.

Though maybe next time I won't hoard a dozen myself. Macarons make not a good diet.

9466 Charleville Blvd. at Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills 90212
(310) 275-0023

$1.50 each, a box of 12 for $18, 24 for $35

In Other News....

Tis' the season for Japanese exam-takers to buy 'good luck' candy. Auspicious messages are printed on potato chips, KitKat and Pocky boxes and those in the majority who believe in lucky charms will buy the entire lot, like this person here.
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ParisBreakfasts said...

Ar you sure it was Christophe Michalak behind the counter? He's the top pastry chef at Plaza Athenee in Paris, plus author of numerous pastry books, one on macarons. And no way would his macs be too sweet!?
Hmmm food for thought

Pirikara said...

Ahh, you're right. I looked up a picture of Christophe Michalak and no that wasn't him. I guess he didn't understand me when I asked if he was the owner. So either it's simply Paulette Koumetz's husband or one of the workers is posing as him. =P

Anonymous said...

Christophe is a partner in the shop, he created the recipe and comes into town every few months.
I'm sure you spoke to Mr.Koumetz who does on occasion work the counter!

joanh said...

those look so good! i can only eat 1 (or 2) at a time, though they get stale so quickly!

Anonymous said...

When we saw the store, we had hoped for a little Parisian atmosphere but instead we were greeted by a witch with yellow teeth, who literally snarled at us for mentioning Laduree in Paris. Instead we found
La Provence on La Peer Drive in Beverly Hills and enjoyed the warm service and macarons.

Pirikara said...

Ooh thanks. I'll try them. Looks yummy...

parisgirl said...

i think paulette macarons are the best macarons ever! you should really try them

Anonymous said...

Right accross the street from Paulette there is the best kept secret in town Gourmandise Paris.
They are offering the best chocolate and favors in town
They have Dragees (Jordan favor), the best french candy imported in the USA.
They also have Marron Glacees, Calison D Aix...
and try macaron with Dragees