Sunday, March 18, 2007

Latest News From Japan

In Japan, females with thick calves are teased with the term daikon ashi, or "radish legs." Just recently, a farmer in Southern Japan unearthed this real-life daikon radish from her backyard vegetable patch:

Photo Credit: Tadashi Fukuda

Detectives have yet to classify this as homicide as they continue to search for other body parts.

And before you dig into that pot 'o curry, read this:

Pirikara Wire Reports
TOKYO - Nippon Restaurant Enterprise Co. have apologized to customers who were inadvertently served curry boiled in a pot containing a dead rodent. The curry was served in 18 dishes for two hours from 6:30 am at Ajisai Chaya noodle stand located at JR Shinkoiwa Station. Dishes included curry soba and curry rice. When a cook stirred the pot and uncovered the 3-inch rodent, a waitress reportedly asked, "What's that doing in there?!" To which the chef answered, "The back-float, I think."

"It was a little gamey," an anonymous tipster said.

And just so you realize that careless food preparation is without borders ... Look what I found in my Baja Fresh Burrito Ultimo today:

Here's a close-up view after washing the foreign objects with water. My best guess is that its something from a stainless steel scrubbing pad:

Let's just say I'm gonna be on a strict Fiji Water diet until further notice.

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Jeni said...

Mmmm...I like rat. I do.

cari - Inland Empirical said...

What the hell is that from your burrito?

Pirikara said...

Sadly, yes. Moral of the story. Grow and cook your own food.

NC_Gourmand said...

Mmmm... rat curry. My grandfather would probably say "Get that look off your face, it's just more protein... and the boiling killed any germs!" Blargh.

As for the metal shards from your burrito-- please tell me you found it while at the restaurant so you could report it, and didn't make that nasty discovery at home! I guess it's better to find "scrubber bits" though, than some hairs (which is what I usually find when I receive "extras" in food eaten out).

By the way, what is it about all of you Los Angelenos that you write so compellingly about food? I've read your blog in the past (linked from Oishii) and enjoy it immensely!

Pirikara said...

Unfortunately, I discovered my metallic Cracker Jack prize while eating at home. Funny thing is, I ate the first half of it at the restaurant. Definitely lost out on the coin toss. I did email a complaint along with a close-up photo. Not hoping for anything in return... only that they less-fervently scrub their pans. =P

Clare said...

They'll probably offer you a lifetime of free burritos or something. Restos always do that - they offer you the same item that you found the [fill in the blank] in, as if you'd ever order that again.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Holy god - to both images!

Pirikara said...