Monday, October 23, 2006

Eating my way through Europe, Part Four

Unfortunately, I am sick right now. My head is spinning, my nose is stuffy and I'd rather be in bed than sitting in front of a computer. But the memories of my trip still linger and for memory's sake, I'll trudge on ...though it'll be short and sweet.

Above is a gelato parfait in Venice, Italy. Whipped cream, wafers, kiwi, strawberries, bananas, vanilla gelato, strawberry syrup. Yum!

These were mushrooms at a vegetable stand in Venice. They reminded me of Smurf houses.

Fruit cups in Rome.
I was particularly attracted to the one with the red juice. It was a bit $$ at 5 Euros per cup , but I just had to know what it tasted like. It turned out to be fruit punch! I was in love. I've never eaten so much fruit before coming to Europe.

Yeah, I know it's silly to say that Italy has great pasta. It's like saying Japan has great sushi. But really, ITALY HAS GREAT PASTA! I was particularly fond of the lasagna. I always make mine with ricotta because that's what the recipe called for. But apparently, ricotta is only used when making spinach lasagna. Regular lasagna like the one below use provola cheese, which is a far more creamy and delicate. Combine that with fresh lasagna noodles and you have something worth dying for.

Okay, that's all for today. Go to sleep!
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1 comment:

Wanderlusting said...

Aw man. First Paris Breakfasts and now this. Arg, no wonder i've been gaining weight. I am eating my way through Europe vicariously

Although I am jetting across for Xmas and New Years. Yes, some of it will be in Paris and Lyon but thankfully a great portion will be in Scotland. And I don't think I'm gonna eat my way through that.

Love the blog!